Cybersecurity: An Ethical Imperative

Ballistic Ventures was formed out of a profound sense of urgency and moral responsibility to address the growing threats to society’s digital infrastructure.

This mission is personal. For over 35 years, our work in cybersecurity has granted us exclusive insight into the evolution of the cyber threat landscape. We’ve tracked its progression from the benign hacking of the 80s to the ruthless and insidious attacks on individuals and nations alike, which disrupt millions of lives daily.

We’re confident that security, privacy, and trust are fundamental to future generations and free economies. As technological innovation continues at a blistering pace — and in fact accelerates — every aspect of our physical lives will soon be accessible online. Without fail, nefarious acts will follow.

The speed, scope, and scale of potential damage is incalculable. Businesses, industries, governments, and individuals cannot thrive, or even survive, in a digital society that fails to provide protection and privacy for digital assets, and trust across ecosystems.

We question whether risk will outpace benefit, and yet despite the answer, we know there’s no turning back. Adaptation is the only reasonable response.

Cybersecurity isn’t a problem to be solved with technology alone — it is an ongoing battle that will persist as long as malicious intentions exist.

We believe that the most important action we can take today is to empower the world’s greatest cybersecurity entrepreneurs with our collective experience, network, and passion. Together, we can turn the tide at this crucial inflection point to ensure a safe, prosperous future for all generations to come.

So yes — this is personal.

Leading up to Ballistic, we’ve collectively founded, funded, or operated over
90 companies

that have made substantial contributions to cybersecurity in the many decades we’ve shouldered this cause.



of combined

operating experience

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Ballistic Ventures offers the unparalleled benefit of an experienced, connected team that is 100% focused on cybersecurity.

Full Team Dedicated to Your Success

Most firms offer generalist support, but we offer direct access to every partner in the firm, providing a guided path to success.

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We’ve Lived Your Unique Challenges

We have developed a deep, nuanced understanding of the cyber landscape from spending our careers doing exactly what you’re trying to do — defending digital sovereignty.

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Nobody Has a Better Network

Our entire careers have been spent working with world leaders, security companies, and governments, giving us a network that can drive outcomes for our founders.

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Words from founders

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"The Ballistic Ventures team is hands down the right partners for cyber security entrepreneurs. The collective operating and investing experience they have focused on security is unparalleled."
Edgard Capdevielle

CEO Nozomi Networks

We’re driven

by urgency

We have a profound sense of moral responsibility to address the growing threats to society’s cyber infrastructure. Learn more about why we exist.

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